Obviously, writing a manuscript is not easy and it is time taxing

For a research topic presented in TELKOMNIKA Journal, your results should include a technical description, a mathematical analysis, and a simulation study. Of course, a simulation is only as good as the model. Experimental results are also required to validate any theoretical discussion and simulation results.

Once you have decided that your work is journals-worthy, you must organize what you want to write.

A good manuscript tells a clear, concise, well-organized story and presents a logical flow of ideas.

The two stages are important before starting to write: Organize your points in the sequence you wish to make them for each section and subsection; Plan any figures that can clearly describe your work, with their titles and important parts labeled. The figures whether schematic diagrams, functional block diagrams, or simple block diagrams should be self-explanatory and should "MAKE A CLEAR"contribution to the paper.

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