For Reviewers

Every article published in TELKOMNIKA Computing Telecommunication Electronics and Control is reviewed in advance of publication to evaluate its contribution and ensure technical veracity. Detailed reviews are invaluable for improving overall technical quality, utility, and readability. Therefore in order to be composed a manuscript that is technically relevant and readable, the reviewers is hoped:


  • Keep your review objective.
  • Pay attention to organization and technical content by commenting on the technical significance and accuracy of the work.
  • Comment on the appropriateness of methods, analyses, results, and conclusions.
  • Suggest specific improvements; identify specific areas that can be removed.
  • Correct errors and misconceptions.
  • Recognize that TELKOMNIKA has a word limit of 12 pages, including figures, tables and references.
  • Look at the references for appropriateness.TELKOMNIKA generally accepts minimum 2N references (where N=number of paper) with minimum 80% journal/proceeding within 8 years.
  • Provide tips that will help the authors to:
    • state appropriate, accurate, and relevant conjectures and results;
    • employ better definitions, diagrams, tables, graphs, and examples;
    • present clear applications of the principles contained in the paper;
    • make the article technically consistent and complete; and
    • organize the material to help the reader understand the issues presented.
  • If it is possible, you may spend your time for correcting grammar, spelling, and voice. However, staff editors will collaborate with the authors of accepted papers on journal style and organization.
  • Reject manuscripts that require extensive revision.
  • Reject manuscripts with trivial or insignificant results or minor contributions to the subject area even if they are well written.


  • Review manuscripts you find personally objectionable.
  • Review manuscripts that are not interesting to you.
  • Identify yourself or your own work.
  • Include personal comments and biases about the author and subject matter.
  • Reject manuscripts that require simple reorganization.
  • Reject large papers that try to do too much. Instead, point out which parts are most important and describe how to revise the manuscript to give it focus.