Call for Guest Editors

TELKOMNIKA Computing Telecommunication Electronics and Control welcomes proposals for special issues (or special sections) on topics of current interest, or new and emerging research topics, within the general scope of the journal.

Special sessions (or special issues) consist of a group of papers having a common, unified theme. These types of editions are excellent opportunities to give the readers depth and breadth of exposure to a particular issue, in a way not possible through a single paper. Furthermore, a special session (or special issues) presents many viewpoints on a topic area, in a way not possible through a typical regular papers.

Persons wishing to organize a Special Session should email a brief proposal to Editor-in-Chief (, cc: Proposal should include:

  • Title of the special session (or special issues);
  • A concise description of the subject area;
  • Background and justification of the proposed special session (or special issues);
  • A brief description of the target audience;
  • Names, affiliations, contact details and short biographical information about the proposed guest editors;
  • A list of potential reviewers; and
  • A draft call for papers (including the relevant deadlines, no more than 300 words).

The proposal will be reviewed by the editoral boad of TELKOMNIKA and their decision will be communicated promptly to the proposers.

If the proposal is accepted, the guest editors will be responsible for all aspects of the special issue including: producing a call for papers, soliciting submissions, identifying reviewers, obtaining reviews, selection of manuscripts for publication, and (optionally) writing a guest editorial for the special issue (or special section). To avoid any potential conflict of interest (in reality or in appearence), manuscripts authored or coauthored by a guest editor or one of his or her close associates should be handled by a different editor who does not have such a conflict of interest with the author in question.

To fully assess multidisciplinary implications, significance, and accessibility of a submission, the guest editors need to assemble an interdisciplinary panel of reviewers. Each manuscript should be reviewed by at least two reviewers, from at least two different disciplines. If an article involves more than two disciplines, additional reviewers should be consulted.

At the end, the guest editors should communicate their recommendation on each manuscript to the editors-in-chief (along with a complete set of reviews).


  • Special session will be published on regular issues: March, June, September or December.
  • Special issues will be published on irregular issues (special editions), for example: January, February, April, May, July, August, October or November.
  • Example special section call papers: soft computing, medical electronics, robotics
  • Short CV Form (for editors, guest editors, and reviewers). You may  submit the other informations as additional informations in the separate pages.